Snack Knight

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This was my first submission for TOFA 2014. Very rough but put a fuck ton of effort into this and tried keeping it frame by frame instead of tweening. This is probably the first time I've done a animation that's mostly frame by frame.

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Sorry I didn't find this mildly entertaning at all.

Your animation was too predictable with what its about from the very start.

I don't think the looping animation of the knight in the idle position was neccesary as it gave too much of the roughness of the appearance of the character.

it would be cool for you to animate something that was written by another person with flaws in the narrative.


ducciboi responds:

Gotta be more descriptive about what you mean by "predictable" unless if you're talking about the obvious Indiana Jones tropes.

Making the character completely stiff is probably the opposite of what you want to do in a animation. You want the character to react from the environment like the character's feather and cape blowing from the wind. It would be rather lazy just tweening the whole thing. Even though it looked a bit choppy I was giving traditional animation a try for the first time though I am guilty of using tweening in some scenes since I need to make the deadline for TOFA.

Are you asking for someone else to write while having flaws? Are you saying get someone else to write because of flaws in the narrative? Not sure if English is your native language. Really not sure what you're trying to tell me here.

Amazing animations, funny secenes, and funny plot, 5/5!

I like the animation and concept. really cool!


That was a great the animation was fuluid and smooth and the music fitted the situation, a packey of potato chips should never be underestimated, they are worth more than gold. :)

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4.27 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2014
4:21 PM EST