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The Last Pinetree

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Merry Christmas from the fucks of Stones of Anarchy!

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Loved it. Love the characters. Loved the voice acting. Loved the snow. You win a cookie.

That was...weird. Like every movie created by Clock Crew.

lmao, and he wasn't even going to use that tree! What a waste of nature! Fortunately it still hasn't come to this IRL, we still have enough pine that we could probably use trees entirely from the paths of power grids and there'd be a surplus anyway, not that it's relevant. Nice animation! Though bit strange how the main character has a voice but that other one doesn't.


umm..... he had to sit ok but he chopped down the last pine treee wtf lol :)

Did you know in Catalonia instead of Santa Claus or Father Christmas they have a log they beat with sticks until it poops candy?