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Two best friends play a fun game of catch!

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Didn't see that ending coming.
This is was pretty funny.

CameronMc responds:

^literally all I could hope for with this one. Thanks!

I was kind of expecting that would happen at the end. :)

CameronMc responds:

*winky face*

Wow, that came out great: good frame rate, animation of the construction paper cutouts, sound effects. Was the noise/background static/wind noise intentional? Seemed a tad over the top, barely worth mentioning..

Btw, could you add these to the author comments?: frame rate, number of frames, how these images were captured (scanner/camera), how many hours it took to get every animated frame captured and in place. Seeing work like this, give me hope that one day, I can animate something like this (and not use a finicky pricey animation program) I docked half a star, because it seemed overly simplistic and short, especially the end - minor quibbles, since everything is lovingly rendered and lit/focused well :)

CameronMc responds:

Wow, thanks for being so nice about this little thing! I wanted some ambient outside noise in the background so it didn't seem as stark as it looks, and to kind of sell the joke at the end. Probably was a little too much tho...

As far as the specs go, it was about as basic as you can get:
It was shot on 2s (so 12fps)
I shot it with my iPhone 5, held down by books on a shelf over my desk.
The app I used was "iMotion", but that doesn't really matter. the most important things are:
-Some kind of Onion Skinning feature to see you're last frame
-1080p or higher export (this particular one has that if you export an image sequence)
-Some way to take the picture without touching the camera (This app let me use the button on my headphones)
I then edited this in Adobe after effects & premiere, but I didn't do anything you couldn't do in any other editing program.

Animating straight ahead took about 7 hour total for the 30 seconds of character animation. This was one of those things where I just did it and the joke was whatever, but I did take the actual animating pretty seriously, so thanks for appreciating that :)

lol cool kiddie paprer thinamagic

CameronMc responds:

Thanks man!

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3.78 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2014
1:49 AM EST