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Rotten and dry

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Original German Language english dubbed Animation video.

original title in english : "Bernd the Bread : Rotten and dry.

This finished animation was intended to be experimental, my practice, a "what if" cartoon about the german puppet show for kids starring Bernd the Bread who gets abused every night by an AI Machine inside a white room that he is locked in (i don't even know why, just don't ask me),gets humiliated on tv and forced to make something what the A.I. robot wants and its going on for years on a channel "KIKA"(known as Kinder-Kanal). but i know its just a puppet show that nobody cares and i wondered if somebody would take this seriously and wants to save this poor grumpy talking breadloaf. SO i animated this, Bernd's friends looking for him and save him. i takes places when Chili and Briegel have changed and grown up and starting to worry about Bernd, that's it.

I took me a year to make this.
It me took so long due putting it on hold, having no time to continue, work and other activities to be done with.
I wanted to avoid almost making many tweening animation as i could and made so many Frame-by-frame animation as i wanted to.
I had such trouble clean drawing frames on somewhere difficult like Briegel's Glasses, it was a bit difficult with using my wacom bamboo tablet.
Without a cintiq that would be much easier, until when i was almost done i've found the right tool to draw some smooth curves, and i'll keep using it for the next animation project,good.

Thanks to ChocolateChainsaw who contributed with me with her voice act as Chili and helping to improve the dialogue/lines/text, my apology that it took me so long so i hope you like this result.

And i Hope you'll like it.
If not, too bad, move on.

Voice cast :

German (Original version)

Briegel/Bernd - Spanglishhorse

Chili - Angelus/Myriam Mcfly ( https://www.youtube.com/user/AngelusProducti0ns )

English (Dubbed Version)

Briegel - Chan Sawyer ( https://twitter.com/TheAngryElite )

Chili - TrinaTan ( http://trinatan.newgrounds.com/)

Bernd - Connor (a friend of mine)

on youtube :
Eng. : http://youtu.be/3_7_5JVs11g

Ger. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeiFtmpHaRA

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Great work man! You really take care about the details of the animation of the mouth pronunciation. really funny too.

SPANGLESNG responds:

thanks dude =)

Draw and animation a little bit poor. But Trina VO as always BEST ! :) I can easyly know your voice no matter where ;) :)

Hmm, if you don't read the description for backstory, this can be pretty confusing! I thought at first it was just the dialog weirding out, saw the part about dubs, thought that might explain it, but at the end I had absolutely no idea what was going on anyway. Guess you need to see Bernd the Bread to get it, and even if you do read the description you probably need to see Bernd the Bread to relate to the main character, since in the animation he looks like a clear candidate for villian. Nicely animated though!


To be honest. I thought it was pretty fucking good. Great JOB!! <3

Credits & Info

3.81 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2014
6:45 AM EST