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The F*ck?!

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An animation of a "Nightmare Before Christmas" spoof song I found on Youtube.

Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awa87mmCKpM

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wow bro was drunk $_$

wow, hahahahahaha! that was so funny, well-done!
i liked the main character's face expressions and swift fast movements, he looked odd and funny, while the song matched his f*cked up emotions about snow and xmass.
clever take on the classic song of ''the nightmare before xmass'', and even tho i dont like bad language, this was funny!

nice animation, man, i would like to see more with this character, so do more my good sir, and keep up the good work!

Already done before

Just like how HotDiggedyDemon made comedy gold from the saying "Aw, s%&t" alone, the person that made the parody song and you made the question "The f@*k" funny. The animation wasn't bad either. I give a 4 on the "save or blam" scale and 4 stars!

the fuck? this fan animation is pretty good!