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GPS Christmas Special

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Tropes! Tropes Everywhere!

I made this as a sort of reintroduction to the series since it has been a long while of a hiatus. This basically was to do that and show some of the new character models so when I make ep 5 people will know which char is which.

I might make one more of these Vignettes to show the Galaxy Madness Group since I didn't go into them very much yet and also provide some more info on characters and motivations

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So this is what Honnouji Academy was like after Kill la Kill ended.

they need to make more anime characters like santos

I love this anime. Santos <3

5/5 Make more!!

You've gotten better in all areas. I was grinning and cringing all the way through, lol. It played like some saturday morning cartoon. Your timing has gotten a ton better so you are almost like a well oiled machine. The meme song was insane! I want to kill myself - good job, sugoi!

I will never see the generic female bitchfight being fought with testosterone before, and I will probably never get to see it again after this.

This is golden.

Kel-chan responds:

tell you friends- it needs more views