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Casual global strategy with elements of the blank, building construction, economic development, military technology research, create units for war and fighting on the global map.


share market
game on a course of gold
management fees and investment
6 types of resources and factories
ability to import resources
construction of own production
25 types of military equipment
20 scientific research
military production
system upgrade military equipment
turn-based combat with the enemy
global map

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This is the way I see it: if it doesn't have a tutorial, it's probably not worth my time.

Seems like it would be really fun, but it would be nice to know how I'm supposed to play this other than having to click everything to see if it did anything.

How do I buy gold?

Decent Idle game. But doesn't bring too much new to the genre.

Things i likes:
+nice visuals
+intresting battle mechanics

Things to improve:
- needs overview of current ressources on each screen, very bothersome to keep on switching all the time to check my ressources
- mute button doesn't mute the soundeffects
- background for the infobox makes it hard to read the info
- building"map" kind of unecessary other than providing a cap for the amount of building -> could have been done on the production tab or by adding mechanics to the map.

Keep on working on it and I will keep looking foward to it.


it took me quite a while to figure out exactly what was going on. i still am not sure why i cant build any tanks. the game seems cool, but i really want more tanks because they seem to be the most powerful unit. this really needs a better translation :/