Culture Screen [LD31]

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A Quirky puzzle game. The goal is to survive as long as possible, for the highest score. If a little microbe is crying, and you let it go off screen you get a strike. Three strikes and it is game over.

Over time the microbes get sadder. If they happen to bump into microbe it likes (the eyes determine which color they like) it will get happier. The microbe it self will pick a target, and only that target will make it happy. The joy is fleeting, only the first bump with that other microbe will have any effect. If they get happy enough they reach nirvana and make the microbes around them a little bit happier while moving to a different plane of existence (ie: disappear)

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i only discovered the ludum dare thing yesterday so i don't think i can enter anymore. oh well. and i think it has to be flash not html5. too bad. i think i could cook up a game on one screen if i had the chance. but if the prize is already claimed and they're not taking in any more entries then its done.

what is ludum dare? it sounds fun. but how is there 31 of them? the website's only been around since 1995.

*5 minutes of gameplay*
.......da fuk is going on?!???

srsly! what am i doing? well whatever it is, at least its not lagging my computer. that happens sometimes but its not happening here. cool. excellent work on prioritizing the runtime. but seriously i don't know what im doing. i mean i see the goal in teh description but thats it. i can only control where i place them. im sure im missing something so 4 stars and stop making me dizzy.

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2.23 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2014
4:45 AM EST
Puzzles - Other