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Be The World

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Jaime is a young man who is only interested in dating with girls, forgetting the planet where he live.

I win a school festival in my country with this video.

Jaime es un joven que sólo está interesado en salir con chicas, olvidándose del planeta donde vive.

Gané un festival escolar en mi ciudad, gracias a este video.

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Disculpe, no ablo espanol.
Is the only sentence I know in spanish. Perhaps you coul offer a translation for your videos next time, it really only is what's missing in this quality animation.

AaLBERT responds:

Thank you! I will try the next time!

So that's what happens if you don't accept your FB friend requests. :P Or rather: that's what happens when you spend all your time on FB and stop caring about the world itself? Hope that's the message, a profound and inspiring one, yet still brought forth in a light-hearted and entertaining way! Animation's great too. Nice work!


AaLBERT responds:

Yes, that was the message :D
I'm glad you understand it besides it was on Spanish :)

And thanks for your glad words! ^w^

Muy buena animación amigo, me diverti mucho viendola, que puedo decir, esta Genial :D

AaLBERT responds:

Que bueno que te gusto! =)

That was wonderful!

I think things would still exist if you don't friend them.

AaLBERT responds:

Thanks! Im glad you like the video :3

wow, what a great movie!
i was expecting a simple date-movie, but oh how wrong i was!
this movie was beautifully drawn, with AMAZING drawings of both the humans, and of the animals, while the animation was fast, fluid, and very pretty to watch.
this felt like a proffesional cartoon, and it reminded me in a point some disney cartoons (the animals, and the hero, kinda reminded me of kuzco, from ''the emperor's new groove'' movie.
(especially when your hero got into ''epic mode'' to be ready for his date in 10 minutes.)
i loved the ''epic mode'' of the hero very much, and his face expressions as he was falling in love with the girls, and i also liked his face expressions when he was ignoring the animals.
as for the message, it was great! never ignore the animals/the enviroment/the world, or the world will eventually die.
we must protect our enviroment. always.

i also liked that this movie was so well animated/drawn, that it wasn't hard for me to understand its story/meaning, and it was really, really beautiful.(i mean, it was in spanish, but i got the message!)

i also liked the references to HE-man, and the final scene in the credits, where the guy saved the enviroment, and his hot date girl is angry and waiting for him... very funny.

you sir, are a proffesional animator. and i suggest to you to work in animation studios proffesionally, if you dont work in there already. you are a very good artist.
do more, you rock!

AaLBERT responds:

Oh God! thanks a lot for your words!! :D your words are like a Christmas gift :)
I'm glad you like the video, and the fact that you understand it besides it was in Spanish!

I always want to work on a animation studios proffessionally, but in Mexico those studios not exist, (and the few animation studios here made the draws like puppets)

I hope some day find a job in a good animation studios... in other country haha :)

If you want to see more of my works here is my deviant art


Again, thanks a lot!! and I will make more :D