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Zombie Cluster Pumpkins of Doom!!
(Happy Halloween!)

Use the tailgate net to pull-back and launch various tools. Protect yourself from the oncoming pumpkin hordes. Hit the top pumpkin dead-center to destroy the whole cluster.

Keep an eye out for the poultry-geist!

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Fun game indeed

So this was a fun "GAME" This is a classic of a game and I didnt know what to do at first but it was pretty fun as I got more into the game the "GRAPHICS" were pretty good and the gameplay was fun, I like the dark feel of this with all the visuals and whatnot, you have a decent game here though.

Some instructions on this would be nice.


It was weird how I was motivated to play this, even though it wasn't that good. It's probably because it's just that frustrating. You should have had a way to show off the angle. I would have liked to see visual stuff. I guess this still wasn't bad. It was pretty fun when you could beat it.

I guess I'm just not good at these kinds of games. I guess it was pretty unique, which I an appreciate. I thought you were supposed to kill the bats at first. Were those extra credits? Could you kill the ghost turkey that came out too?

I giving you a 1 for originality, and because it's old.

Fun little game

The idea of the game was quite original throwing chainsaws and whatnot at pumpkins and other creepy things,the gameplay took a little while to get used to but after a while it was fun to play,nice work.

ok heres why u get a low score

1-the graphics suck
2- i dontlike ur style
3-the sound was annoying
4-there was no violence
5-wasnt interactive at all
6-i gave u a 10 because it made me laugh how muched it sucked