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Spin Spin Episode 2

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Spin Spin Episode 2 is a world rotation puzzle platformer with a twist. After every rotation, you must land on the ground before you can rotate again. You can rotate from the ground, or drop off a ledge and rotate in mid-air, but you cannot rotate twice without landing. This adds a significant strategic element that is the heart of the game.

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We need an episode 3

Oh, there is a second episode already. Look at the timestamps, Shade. *fwaps self*

This one's better than the first one. The block mechanic makes it much more puzzling, but no less difficult, which is a good thing. I spent more time on this than I did the first one.

Visually, this was a major improvement to Episode 1. The minor things you did (I think it was just making a blue background) made it easier on the eyes. The plot, while being merely a few lines, is worth keeping, as it makes the game feel like that much more of an accomplishment, and it's kinda cute, and worth a quick smile.

Hopefully, you can make more of these, and ideally, not lose the soundtrack. The spin sound effect was starting to get on my nerves a little by the end of it.

4.5 stars again. Keep up the great work.

chrishughes2d responds:

Thanks again. I appreciate the feedback.

would have been easier to just get a new girlfriend

These 2 episodes were fun!
Didn't notice any flaws, everything went smoothly. GJ! :)

chrishughes2d responds:

Cheers yound. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Very cool game, extremely difficult, nice puzzles, I guess that's not what you're aiming for but if you improve the graphics and add a nice soundtrack to it the game would be a lot more pleasant to play.

chrishughes2d responds:

Thanks newname1. Funny you say that. The soundtrack was the coolest part of this game, but when I uploaded the game I forgot the music was dynamically loaded so it didn't make it to newgrounds. I'll submit an update with this fix once it has passed initial judgment (assuming it passes). You can check out the game with soundtrack at www.spinsp.in.

I'm also working on an expanded version of the game with better graphics, more content, a bunch of powerups, and much more. I've got a devlog on TIGSource, and you can check out a sample of the artwork at chrishughesgames.com/ts/TS_Revised_20141202.png.

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.