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Spin Spin Episode 1

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Author Comments

Spin Spin Episode 1 is a world rotation puzzle platformer with a twist. After every rotation, you must land on the ground before you can rotate again. You can rotate from the ground, or drop off a ledge and rotate in mid-air, but you cannot rotate twice without landing. This adds a significant strategic element that is the heart of the game.

* IndieGames.com top indie platformers of 2012 (http://indiegames.com/2013/01/top_10_free_platformer_games_o.html)
* PCGamer.com top 100 free online games (http://www.pcgamer.com/the-best-free-online-games-on-pc/#page-5)

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Love the idea, though you might want to mention in the game that you can (apart from move using A/D keys) also rotate the world. I went with arrow keys automatically, and thought rotation was the same as movement, which of course made the first passage an impassable puzzle... game's great if you don't get stuck on the controls or lost though, challenging, puzzling; fun. It even has a story! :D


chrishughes2d responds:

Currently the first screen tells you how to move left and right (all that's needed to escape the first screen), then the second screen tells you how to rotate left and right (which is required to solve that screen). And finally, the third screen tells you that you can drop and spin in mid-air.

Did you see those other prompts, or did only the first prompt appear when you played?


The inspiration from VVVVVV is obvious, but that doesn't detract from the game at all. I liked how simple it was. Occasionally, I would turn right when I meant to turn left, but I do that in nearly every game that has rotational controls, so that's not a detriment to this game. It annoyed me when I did that at the very final spin, but it was my own fault for over-thinking about it and I ended up doing the drop just before the final spin perfectly the second time anyway.

4.5 stars because compared to VVVVVV, it's a little easy, and really short. A perfect 5 minute (or hour long, depending on your skill level) distraction.

I also notice that it's got "Episode 1" in the title. I eagerly look forward to Episode 2.

chrishughes2d responds:

Thanks mate. Episode 2 is already on Newgrounds, and I'm actively working on a revamped version that will be much longer and deeper and will be released next year. I have a devlog on TIGSource about this project. Cheers.

I really enjoyed this. The spinning mechanic with the movement to avoid the spikes was actually very fun. It kind of reminds me of the game "VVVVVV." The only things I would have liked to have seen in this game are some different colors/graphics for different areas of the game, and also some music would have added to it. Short but fun. :)

chrishughes2d responds:

Thanks HelpThePoor. Funny you say that. The soundtrack was the coolest part of this game, but when I uploaded the game I forgot the music was dynamically loaded so it didn't make it to newgrounds. I'll submit an update with this fix once it has passed initial judgment (assuming it passes). You can check out the game with soundtrack at www.spinsp.in.

Thank for the feedback. I appreciate it. VVVVVV was a huge inspiration for this game, in terms of the tone (twitch controls + grapjocs + music).