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Animated Poetry - "On Bei

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This is an animation for poetry by Timothy Kercher that I created, beginning only with the words on the page.

The text of the poem is below:

On Being a Refugee

A ghost of wholeness,
your cat turned wild,
scouring the fields for mice at night.
You can’t hear her hunt,
but place milk out,
only when you have it.

The windows you open
ever so carefully are not your own;
you slice your thumb on an edge by accident—
the leapfrog ooze and the dandelion bloom
of blood dripping on glass,
stained now
like Christ bleeding
in the windows of cathedrals.

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You got quite a unique animation style. I like it. :)

AnimatedCritic responds:

Thanks for the encouragement! I plan to keep going strong with new material every week (alternating tutorials and entertainment) on youtube as IMpsato Studios, and posting to Newgrounds as often as appropriate.

I think I get the first verse:
Its talking about a cat leaving the home and trying to survive on its own. The owner tries to do what they can to help even though it might not be enough and can't even do that much with what little they have. As being someone who lost their home I can feel this one.

The second one confuses me but I'll try to understand:

Jesus christ is usually a metaphor for a martyr but I don't see one. If their not my own then does that mean its someone else's? Who else could it be referring to? Opening the window could be a euphemism for the need to steal and that Jesus segment is saying we should try to forgive them. Or maybe I completely missed the point?

AnimatedCritic responds:

When Robert Frost was asked to explain the meaning of one of his poems, he simply read it again.

The poem is not mine, and I can't presume to know what the poem is about myself. But I think it has a lot to do with loneliness and suffering, the desire to make things whole even though they are broken and bleeding.

I'm not inclined to say more, as I'm likely to put my foot in my mouth, but I definitely appreciated your interpretation and your thinking on it!

Thanks so much, and glad you enjoyed it!

- ian

Neat poem, and good animation.
Simplistic, but doesn't detract from the poem.

AnimatedCritic responds:

Thank you - appreciate the feedback!

the animation was well done, just not a fan of the poem itself. enjoyed the style of the whole thing.

AnimatedCritic responds:

Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the poem. Obviously I liked it enough to animate it, but I'm glad you at least enjoyed the animation!

Thanks for your feedback!