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Awesome Land - Season 2

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High school sucks. So do demons.

Season 2 of Awesome Land!!

Music: This is the Life (Weird Al Yankovic)

This episode of awesome land features
hitmen, rich people, LGBT, a feminine
football player, a feminine principal,
a demon, the government, newspapers,
ignorance, non-ingnorance, a song about
how this is the life, and a bad pun. if you have
problems with this, you should still watch this.
Also, this world is ever changing, and will
switch between real and drawn
backgrounds to demonstrate this.
prepare to have your mind blown.

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Do you ever stop asking questions?
at a point yes

That line cracked me up


The animation is decent, and I like the mix of real life and cartoons. However, it could be presented better. The jokes are good, but they'd be more effective if they were timed better. And the audio quality definitely needs improvement. There were some parts that were difficult to understand, and some parts that sounded plain annoying. I recommend you get a Yeti or Snowball from Blue Microphones. They are inexpensive and high-quality.

An awesome episode. :) The mixture between real footage and animation works great, plot's entertaining, dialog's fun, voice acting would've been great if it wasn't for all that clipping, especially towards the end! Keep it going.


I already like it, the jokes are definately good, but they way everything is presented could be improved. The sound quality of the voices could be better and somehow it is hard to get all the jokes/the story. Maybe it would help if you switch "the camera" to the person who is talking more often or you visualise what the people are talking about so you always know what's going on.