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Gangster's Escape

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After escaping from the gangster group, you hide yourself in a club. But they are waiting for you outside. You can't go back the same way. You'll have to find another exit to escape your grim fate. Fortunately, you've always been good in dense situations.

Explore your surroundings and use your wit to escape.

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Good game. Item placement seems to be good and makes sense for the most part, although I don't think a Tommy gun and its drum magazine (aka bullets) would be lying out in the open like that, I think it's pretty silly for a car pump and a handful of coins to be locked up beneath the floorboards, and am pretty curious as to why scissors would be stabbed into a picture of gangsters, especially when said gangsters own the club the protagonist is trapped in and thus would likely be offended at their picture being damaged. Also, although the puzzle to get the key to the basement seems pretty clever (it is in its execution), it doesn't make that much sense for the gangsters to have such a convoluted way just to get access their basement. The puzzle in fixing the flat tire, however, was very clever not only in execution but clever in the story as well since it is not only makes sense, it does not involve doing something that needs to be unnecessarily drawn out by the characters. Asides from that, this story is pretty good and the game is not too challenging although surprisingly the crane actually took me a while to find. Overall, you did a nice job so kudos to you.

I felt really clever when i solved the jukebox puzzle and i loved the music and art. The game was a little bit short but it had the right amount of puzzles and there was a lot to look at.

All i want to know is what i did to pee off the Mafia

I like it. Game art and music is really good.
All quests are ok but puzzle with newspaper and songs was a bit hard for me.
Great combination with car wheel + beer bottles!
Good work.

Was quite fond of the jukebox and tire puzzles. It's hard to find that middle ground of making a game too easy or too difficult, and I thought those two puzzles were close to the perfect level (a tad bit easy if I had to choose). The others were easy (if I can do it without a walkthrough, anyone can) but still very enjoyable.

Sad it was over so quickly! I needed a break from the cookie cutter escape games Selfdefiant was putting out. Quick, easy, made sense, though longer would be awesome!

Credits & Info

3.79 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2014
9:18 AM EST