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Hollywood News

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hi my brother and i wrote a thing here it is.

Thanks egoraptor for his voicin -http://egoraptor.newgrounds.com/
shirt - http://teespring.com/thisdog

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I give this 5 skulls out of 5

From here the angle of the flash motion looks disturbing! i give it 4 skulls out of 5

I was gonna give it a solid four for funny as usual, and good satire on the wonderfully crappy modern news. Then I gave you an extra half star for your marketing scheme at the end. Limited Edition, lol'd. Is writing lol'd in a comment ok?

Love the animation, and the voices are awesome, but there's so much unused potential in this skit.. I'll give it 7 skulls out of 10 :D

Nice voice acting and decent animation.

I recommend.