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Destro, "Head Blown" Offi

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This was the result of 2 grueling months over summer and I actually kinda like how it turned out. I'd much refer a couple more months to work on it, but what are you gonna do! Enjoy

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is she fighting with love?

Kev! I am so proud of this and your work. Life is all about what you can do with what it gives you. Despite the time restraints and whatever else might have restricted you in your artistic freedom, believe me when I say you did an AWESOME JOB! Overall, your art pulled together the vision, and most importantly, it brought the record to life with purpose and creativity. If you want to take this "Destiny" character to the next level, it would not only be an honor but a dream come true.

k7vin responds:

Thank you so much Des! I'll have to let you know if/when I decide to do more with her. I'd want your blessing with whatever adventure she might go on.

nice i know it was political & quite relevant i think if any female super hero in the marvel or DC universes had that power they might go on a power trip & try to take over the world but im getting off subject the song complemented the animation nicely & i look forward to see what you do next : )

there's a lot of songs I'd wish to animate something on top of it. Good songs that grow on you and you picture perfectly with the characters and the story you see in your head... but then i realize later, man: it's gonna be a lot of work. Animation is a bitch.
But you did an awesome work there. A lot of key poses, and camera angles and action shots. You must have drawn a lot during these 2 months....
Only thing is I thought the song was a little long for what you wanted to do. It's great that you brought that whole concept behind the song, but I just hope that you didn't feel stuck having to animate through the whole thing. There were a few long sequences, where not much happened. it felt like you had to stretch it out.
nevertheless, awesome work pal!!!

Well timed, overall nice job. Very creative. Though I admit I was expecting "Destro" from G.I. Joe, and the lack of that was dissapointing.