Fuzzy Gram

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Just an experimental game. The gameplay is simply rock-paper-scissors with some twist.

Attack beat Heal
Defend beat Attack
Heal beat Defend

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experimental for mobile i see. clarifying the defend issue, you need to make healing damaging the defending opponents somehow.

Good game, but you need to fix defend or heal, if you just defend, you can't lose,

Nice start, but all I did was hold down the S (Defend) button until I won. Defending should not hurt the other person, maybe if it was Counter that would make more sense. There should be a drawback to defending as well because right now I cannot get hurt while defending and I can out defend my opponents mana until they can no longer heal and slowly kill themselves. Has potential, but currently Defend is broken/OP.

Great music and animations! The game looks and sounds very good. The game also runs very smoothly for me even at the highest graphic setting.
However, there are some issues with the game that would prevent me from playing it again. The character selection screen glitches when trying to select a character quickly. Eventually, the character flies off of the screen, making it impossible to see it. Also, when the opponent is falling to his death, you can still attack him and continue the game for a little bit.
The biggest problem with this game is the fact that you can win only by pressing Defend. The Defend option damages the other player in every instance besides when the other player heals. Eventually, since the other player doesn't always defend, he will eventually run out of mana and health, causing you to win every time.

You can spam the defend and occasional heal to win. Also the ai is a bit too counter like its like battling a mirror that occasionally moves a different way.

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2.69 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2014
5:55 AM EST
Action - Fighting - VS