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Onomastica 2

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Bring words to life in the colourful and mysterious world of Linguistics.

Left Arrow Key (or A) - Move Left
Right Arrow Key (or D) - Move Right
Up Arrow Key (or W) - Jump

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A huge improvement on the last one. The more colorful graphics and more active puzzles make this a welcome sequel. I've been seeing reviews saying it's too short, and I do agree. This would be awesome as a longer game; not necessarily split it into levels, but maybe have checkpoints to go into the different areas and make them longer? Maybe when you solve all the puzzles in one zone, you unlock the next zone, and then you can go back and replay the individual zones once you've played through the whole thing on story mode.

This was enjoyable and cute, too bad it's too short.

The game is, in its essence, a simple platformer where certain platforms and objects are letters and words. You run quickly from the left to the right, jumping over platforms in a relatively fast speed, and you occasionally find an easy, yet endearing word puzzle to solve, involving moving letters around to open the way. Its simplicity and fast-pace, together with its simple, yet endearing, word concept, makes this a pretty sweet little short experience.

The one song played throughout the game is pretty fun to listen to, somewhat tribal-esque, and very pleasant. The graphics are simple, composed of sceneries that look like they were composed with colored paper collage, yet they somehow manage to be really stylish, I like them.

One thing that confused the hell out of me is how the game simply starts over right after you go through the final exit, which made me think I hadn't really finished it the first time around, and made me run through the whole (short) scenery again. This was really confusing, maybe just a "the end, play again?" screen would have made this clearer.

In accordance with the previous reviewers, this is a fantastic idea and has potential to become something magnificent, if it could be expanded upon.

Fantastic. But like the guy below me said, it doesn't much feel like a game. It's like you made this gorgeous world with a quirky and different mechanic and said, "Oooo, aren't you delighted by all these puzzle things made from words?" and I went, "Yeah, I'm totally delighted, I can't wait to see what you do with it!" and you go, "That was it! It's over! We hope you enjoyed the tour!" I feel like, with funding, this could be an amazing full-length game.

As it usually happen with art games, this one isn't a game enough. The combination of visuals and the background tune is hypnotizing, but the puzzles ande general gameplay are way too simple. I still can't figure out what is the meaning of infinite looping the game, since I gave up after getting through it twice. Maybe is supposed to be a hidden message about nature of language, who knows? Anyway, I still enjoyed the game, but let's hope the next edition will be more balanced.