Mountain Monster - Level

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First episode of our most popular game - Mountain Monster - has got an extension, which contains 8 new level.
We hope your will enjoy these new levels as we do!


I'm sorry the graphics are good for a flash game
I also like these type of games.
However this game controls like diarrhea as in I barely have any control.
I can't even get past the first level I'll sometime spontaneously flip on my back for no reason.
So graphics good, has a gimmick I like however controls are slippery as shit that is all I'm asking to fix before I give this a higher score

Not a bad attempt but some suggestions I have is to add more weight to the Monster Truck. It Flings off of the tinyest corner. Also make it slower it makes the user feel more in control of it.

Its a little 4 by 4 racer that physics leave much to be desired. The graphics are bland along with the music. Needs work but still holds a good ground work.

this game wasnt fun for me because it was a rip off of that one mobile app and i usually wouldnt mind if the mechanics didnt suck the driving sped up too fast turning was way too touchy and you bounced way too easy all in all i think this game needs to be blammed

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2.48 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2014
5:01 PM EST
Sports - Racing