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TD-Days Go By

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Feeling sorry for yourself doesn't get you anywhere, but plotting a kick-ass comeback!

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i have 2 friends about to finish college, i was originally going to college for technology. Ironically, my 2 friends are also going to school for technology. I dropped out my first year, they are about to finish their 4 year program. Here is the difference now, they are about to graduate with like 50 thousand in debt, they MIGHT get hired full time from the internship they're working now, and they'll start making 50 thousand dollars. I'm about to finish my IT apprenticeship program and i'll be making 50 thousand a year as well, only without the debt or struggle of college for 4 years. Jokes on you college kids! Apprenticeships > college

Very inspirational. I am still looking for that drive to keep on going with college, but I am just scraping by right now as the semester ends.

Good for you for not giving up

…….and then the teacher will come up to you and say……"glad to see you here another year" XD

As a college student I find this series extremely relatable and inspiring. It's definitely one of my favorites. You have a story to tell and an awesome way of portraying it for us. We're excited to see more.