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Straight-Up Carnage

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This was my very first animation and it will never be finished, as I lost the .fla file. I just made it in a fit of angst at an ex-GF.


Nothing special

^^Good Points^^
The drawings weren't too horrible, they were probably the best part of the game.

^^Needs Improving^^
Well, like you said this is unfinished, and would be a lot better if it were finished. After you finish the killing, you can't go back to the menu via buttons, which is pretty annoying. Your blood is drawn pretty poorly, and I didn't really have fun playing this at all.

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Unfinished :(

Too bad this flash is unfinished. It would've been good if it was finished, but as you said, you lost the .fla file, so there wasn't much you could do. The two weapons I was able to choose here, heh, the violence did make me laugh. There were some good music used here, but overall, an unfinished flash, which is disappointing.


Kinda weird...

....but good for a first flashmovie though!


It was okay. It needed some help in plenty of places.

Not bad

Whoever that crybaby was that said that this flash was too violent needs to take his whining ass back to yahoo games. Good, but could've been better.

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1.19 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2000
12:03 AM EDT
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