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Idle Pixel Slayer

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1 25 Points

Enemy 15

10 25 Points

Enemy 253

11 25 Points

Enemy 260

12 25 Points

Enemy 274

2 25 Points

Enemy 43

3 25 Points

Enemy 92

4 25 Points

Enemy 134

5 25 Points

Enemy 162

6 25 Points

Enemy 176

7 25 Points

Enemy 197

8 25 Points

Enemy 204

9 25 Points

Enemy 239

13 50 Points

Enemy 281

14 50 Points

Enemy 288

15 100 Points

Enemy 298

Author Comments

Slay Enemies, Level Up, Get Gold, Drink Potions and idle around
in this pixelated idle adventure.

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Drink the blue potion and turn into minigun!

I made a spreadsheet to figure out which monsters are best to grind. For both XP and gold, I found that you can either grind the toughest monster that you can take out with a single crit (get that crit % up!) or use both red and green potions and grind Golden Reptus, until you can get to Djinns. After that, your stats change the efficiency a lot, but if your CRITDMG without potions is above 0, the last 2 djinns and the first 2 fire blobs are pretty good. By then you should be able to either rebirth or go for medals.

I love the gameplay, scenery, and playable characters. The only problem is that the medals don't always trigger for me. Even when they do, I may or may not see them on my profile. For instance, the first time I reached enemy 43, medal 2 didn't load. When I went back, it did pop up, but it was still locked! Then when I did it again, the medal showed up, and I finally unlocked it (likewise for medal 8)! It's happening to some other users I see, too! I sure hope this issue is fixed very soon. :(

One of the main aspects doesn't work. There is no gold. You didn't even test this? Nothing important happens when you kill an enemy, the sprite just stays there. Every "Next enemy" is just the same thing with a recolor, excluding some enemies, which are just recolors in themselves. The only thing that saves this game is the music. But it gets tedious and quite honestly, you stole it from an old gba title, or another author. You have no talent, You have no fineness and you don't even put effort in it, and that's less than I can say for most other people on this website.

Uhh one of your more crap games and the upgrades dont work and more bad stuff explainable via playing the game

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2014
2:56 PM EST

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