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GPS: Ada's Address

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Was supposed to be done MONTHS ago but....I'm lazy.

But I just did this to warm up to making more Galaxy Police Squad episodes.

This was just a short to introduce some characters and....something or other....i unno

Also I experiemented with somethings in after effectsand whatnot in just creating layers.

I should have done more of these this year since GPS was always about experimenting with new ideas and techniques and doing it in a show format.

If I can get all the VAs back together for this I will make another short next month for xmas if I can

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Well it seems that the reactor, or whatever you used to the hair and the clothes. Is cracking sometimes, and the character animations are a littlebit poor at the beggining ( nothing serious ) However i couldnt make something like this. And it's nice after all. And that semi 2d/3d is very awesome. So keep up :)

Kel-chan responds:

yeah the physics gets a bit tricky at times- its not the best physics engine and causes clipping sometimes especially if theres alot of movement

HA! This definitely feels like parody work, but the good kind (DBZ Abridged, etc). It was really funny.

The animation was fluid, then again I don't know much about 3D animation but it seemed like the physics engine was working properly. The 2D didn't look weird.

Really, I have no problems with this.


"through work comes freedom"
worst motto Ever!
that's what liars and dictators say XD

Kel-chan responds:

yup and ada is no exception- she's a high school hall monitor tyrant

... i wish my highschool was that lively anyway good voice acting Linda and good job Kel for animating it 5/5

I liked the art in this one, but not as much as the plot itself.