Punch Fails 2

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With now better animation AND fails comes Punch Fails 2, the sequel to Punch Fails. Phph.... duh.

The song that plays throughout the duration of the video is Surge, and the song that plays during the credits is The Graveyard Gig, both of which were found in the audio portal.

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Definitely an improvement over the first one. You did a good job with this one.

Agent64 responds:

Thanks man ^-^-^
There are some sucky things about it that I would certainly change;
I do like the soundtrack, though; however, I didn't make the songs :(

The explosion with the 2 at the end is just too much to play smoothly.

Agent64 responds:

Yeah, it is. Sorry XD
Thanks for the review. ^-^

Great little submission. Animation is slick and looks good, until you get to the epic fail, the brick wall and red circle look slightly out of place. Good music and sounds effects.

Agent64 responds:

Yeah, the brick wall does look quite out of place. This is a pretty old animation, about a year or so, so I probably would've done that differently now. But thanks for the advice, and the review! :3

Nice improvement from your last one good work:)

Agent64 responds:

Thank you very much. :3

well, i liked this.
despite the seemingly repetitive patterns of running/dashing to the ''enemy'', and the punching, (or after that), following a/WHAT HAPPENS NEXT scenario, THIS-WAS-GOOD.
it was random, but not vague, and it was funny without trying too hard to impress the viewer.
the troll-face scene, and the cat-face scene were well drawn, (did you drew the troll face on your own, or did you used sprites?) and the fighting scenes were good, and quite funny.
this reminded me a bit of monty pythons, and this is good.

i would suggest from you to do more stuff like this, because it was funny, cool, and well-animated.

PS: my onyl advice would be, to add a play/replay button, and to not have it loop like a spammy film.
(it is not spam, but some people would see it the wrong way).
do more sir....

Agent64 responds:

Thank you very much, good sir. I'm glad you enjoyed this! ^-^
I did redraw the troll face, rather than using sprites, because that seemed to match everything else better.
And it interests me that this reminds you of Monty Python. I guess I can see that, with the intro, that is.
I was actually going to consider a play/replay button, as you suggested, and I did not mean to make it loop as such. I guess I accidentally forgot to program it to stop, because I just assume, out of my forced habit, that most would turn looping off (which is my fault; and you know what they say about assuming, too. XD)
Thanks again for the review. And for your sake, I might just do more of these sketch-comedy type videos (maybe that's why it reminded you of Monty Python... lol)

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3.79 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2014
4:21 PM EST
Comedy - Original