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A short story about a fisherman... I think.

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Great choices for your soundtrack. There are some really good tense moments and they don't drag on for too long or come up short. I got spooked for sure. Great work.

no no, Tofu, you don't bring JUST. a gun. you bring... a depth finder.. Flamethrowers. And last but most importantly, DEPTH. CHARGES. because Mermaid Swamp.

hey jreina... LOVEDD THISSSS!!!!

Am a bit sad that the facial animations were rather bad, the sounds and atmosphere of everything else was really bonechilling though.

Okay, nice little creepy nightmare-ish vid. I did have this one moment though, just after the 'hand' on the shoulder(and the tension built) of seeing this Monty Python scene with the horrible fish-creature saying something about having to make ANOTHER baby, since he caught and killed this one.

I have these weird thoughts all the time, and some are just so weird/ spooky/ creepy . . . I sometimes wonder if I'm crazy. I don't jump at all when I watch horror movies anymore - I think these thoughts I have are just so much worse than anything some movie will ever have.....

wow... super creepy. nightmare- material, much?