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Heart of Dogness

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You are the dog, begin your mission to befriend the family cat, an impossible task for many of our canine compadre.

Simple WASD movement, click the left mouse when close to interactive objects.

Some friends and I threw this together for a 48hr gamejam a little while ago, it's a bit late to the interwebs but yeah, sharing is caring i guess. I'll upload some newer stuff soon.

I'd be interested to hear reason from those who couldn't make it to the end. Either because it was too boring, or they got stuck at some point, or they just straightup didn't think it was any good. I'll use this feedback to learn, and submit better stuff :)

Credit for a sweet 48hr effort goes to:

Kurt Griffiths
Tim Wang
Douglas McComish
Regan Music (me)

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Strange game. Weird. Disturbing. Off. I loved it! Here's my playthrough, in case you were interested: <http://youtu.be/2o-eRGvv40s>

Seriously, this game was awesome. I loved the humor in it. I liked that there were choices. However, it would have been really cool if there were separate paths or an alternate ending. That said, I thought the game was great. I don't really have anything negative to say about it. I really appreciate your work and I look forward to anything else you might create :)

kerihobo responds:

Hey thanks mate! I wish I could give you 5 stars for your review! ^^;

actually i can do that for the youtube vid. It could be awhile before I do another random story game, but I look forward to when that time comes. In the meantime I'm gonna be working on improving my general knowledge on game development.

Love conquers all! Except death I guess. Good choice making it short since it's more of a story than a game.

Next time spend 100 hours on it, or just forget it.

kerihobo responds:

Lol brutal. But ok.

Pretty strange, but an alright game.

Quite interesting.