Galaxy Invasion

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This is currently the demo version, I am still working on adding more variety of bosses, bullets, powerups, gadget shop, healthpack. Updates will come time to time.

[How to play]
1.Move your arrow keys to move freely
2. dodge bullets
3. try to stay alive and destroy the boss!

***** http://www.gofundme.com/googleplayapp
hey guys I'm currently 17 years old attending highschool and I am working on a game where the user controls a spaceship and battles variety of bosses. There are Easy Level and the Impossible Level. I am also trying to add this game into the google play store, but i need 200 dollars to make my game into an android app because my game engine currently is the free trial version. I need the PRO Version in order to work. In addition to that, I need 25 dollars for the android membership fee. I am trying to raise a fund for this and the donation is completely optional. I am a high school student with no job and my mom thinks this is not worth it :( I am passionate about doing these kinds of game development and i would love to share my games with you all. I really want to hear it from you guys whether this game is good or not pls comment below or email me at fleagueop@yahoo.com! This is just a demo, after I make my game engine into the pro version i will implement more bosses, variety of bullets, powerups, life-pack, and a gadget shop where you can shop your own spaceship! Again, the donation is completely optional but it will surely help! thank you.

- I really put a lot of work into this, and it's something I love to do and this is what i wanna do as a career when i grow up. As a gamer its fun to play but to make one and share it with you other gamers, I feel amazing. Hope u guys enjoy and good luck on your epic adventure!!!


This demo game is a good start. What I especially like about it, and why I'm giving it 3 stars--is the crazy background music, whose modernistic harmonies bring to mind the music of 20th Century composers, Paul Hindemith and Bela Bartok.

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Brought back memories of me playing R-Type II on my SNES as a kid :)

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develope this kind of classic games is a good way

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youngDeveloper responds:

thank u :)

Not bad, but some audio feedback or perhaps the ship blinking would indicate that you took a hit.

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youngDeveloper responds:

ill change it haha this is just a demo so dont worry! :D thanks for the feed back!! ur awesome

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2.57 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2014
9:07 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight