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Sanctum Ep1

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Talon Ezra Space pirate extraodinairre gets in a bit of a pickle and almost gets caught by Commander Veldrate of the Merza Imperium. Luckly she and her ship A.I. "M-5" or "Emmi" escape the clutches of the Imperium...for the moment.

***A bit about this***

A while back I was going to start a Star Wars series, I scrapped that project and instead morphed the story into something a little more original but it still has some obvious shoutouts to starwars. I talked with a guy KuroNeko and he had a premise for a story and so we tag-teamed it and wrote this intro to a series.

Depending on if y'all like this or not I can continue this. Next year I will be doing all series work. So it will either be Kagemusha, GPS, and this. No more separate shorts.

As for the animation- I made this before I made Kagemusha so some of the animation is a little stiff. Also I rendered this at 30fps vs Kagemusha which I'm doing at 15fps- So it may be a little smoother in segments.

I couldn't have done this without the amazing VA skills of Marissa Lenti. Check out www.marissalenti.com.

I hope to do alot more collabs with her in the future.

Should you feel the need: My patreon http://www.patreon.com/user?u=102503

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What happens when you cross RWBY with a science fiction space genre.

Not bad at all, but it certainly can use some improvements, in turns of the animation and to some extent, the sound work. Voice acting is pretty decent though. That sword-gun concept, ever reminiscent of Blake's weaponry from RWBY. Nicely used Kei-chan.