Fly Again

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Wright Brother 5 Points

Beat first 3 levels

Howard Hughes 10 Points

Beat first 7 levels

Starbucks 10 Points

Collect 10 stars

Red Baron 25 Points

Beat all levels

Stardust 25 Points

Collect 20 stars

Starcraft 50 Points

Collect all 30 stars

Author Comments

This little zeppelin is not easy to control, but you don't have to retry much. Just tap with your mouse to make it fly. Cute and innovative gameplay and varying levels certify this game as awesome.

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Very, very annoying game! Especially annoying at the last few levels. I really hated the gameplay of this, original enough idea though it was.

Also I call shenanigans on the medals. This game is hard enough, only fewer than 20 people *should* have those last two medals, but instead greater than 150 people have them? I'm not thinking most of those "earns" are legit. I certainly legitimately unlocked this, and there's others I know have the skills to do it, but I seriously seriously doubt greater than 150 (or even greater than 20, or at the most generous 30).

Games of similar difficulty may have only 5 to 12 unlocks on such difficult medals.

This was my first time playing this. Had some time to kill, 2 - 3 hours speed run :D .I got to the You did it at the very end. Star Craft all stars. Red Baron all levels complete. I really liked flying backwards, and straight down. I wish there was a good 3d mode or some achievements to unlock. But it helped me get my mind off of things. So thanks for making it.

Wow in this game the checkpoints really feel like they are then only safe place in the world
it is so good when you reach one of them


Oh wait, I did it!! Yay!

It's just one of those games. At first it seems impossible, but eventually you'll make it.

If you thought level 7 is hard (not impossible), wait till the zigzag followed by the steep curved climb in level 9 - I was like "Phew!" when I passed the zigzag, but was then "ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" at the steep curved climb. Actually level 9 gave me the most grief - after that, 10 wasn't so bad (LOL - it's a relative thing - level 10 is still insanely hard).

Kinda of in the flappy bird genre - but much better: you're can move in 2D and actually have a goal!! Checkpoints are a must, and were placed just at the right spots. Loved loop-de-looping to go BACKWARDS! Also loved sneaking forwards a little on the checkpoints to let the moving objects move a little... also loved crashing into checkpoints and the goal!! Something satisfying about that (and thankfully, still counts, even if you flip over - just don't fall off!!).

Only gripe: the hitbox on some objects is clearly not the object outline, but a square box around the object... the number of times I caught the corner of curved objects (especially clouds)... ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Music got a annoying after the millionth attempt (kind of like listening to the Vengaboys too much). At least you can turn it off on the title screen.

Definitely in the "one-button" and "masochistic" genres. Break through that pain barrier!!

ozdy responds:

Best review ever! Thanks man!

Broken- Level 7 is impossible.

ozdy responds:

Which part exactly? Watch the walkthrough.

Credits & Info

3.84 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2014
7:43 AM EST
Skill - Other