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Idle Mining Co.

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Instructions: Click the mine a few times until you have enough gold to hire a worker. Save up enough gold to purchase new mines and build your empire.

Leave your questions or comments below and I'll respond as soon as possible.

24 November:
Just pushed out the game's first update:

- When a mine is maxed (no more upgrades to buy), you can now "sell" the mine which will reset everything but gain a permanent multiplier (2x the first time, 3x the second time) to all future earnings.
- A green checkmark now appears to show which mines have upgrades available.

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if i upgrade a mine to x2, does that mean it's doubled?

and if i the upgrade it to x3, does that mean it's now x6? or is the tooltip a lie and it actually just replaces the x2 with a x3

it sure seems like it's doing absolutely NOTHING. because i have a bunch of mines up to x3 and one is up to x5 and nothing seems remotely faster.

what a simple mechanic to get right and you couldn't even do that.

Fun game, but the miners don't work as soon as i close the Tab (-1)... They must have formed some sort of labor union ;)

I like this game it is just that a good idle game can run in the background and collect stuff offline but other then that awsome game

I was expecting actual mining, not constant clicking. This would make a good mobile game though.

4.5 Would have been five if the helpers didnt look so creepy other than that great game!

GroZZleR responds:

They get even creepier as you unlock more mines. ;)