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Internet Fight- 4O4 Tales

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The internet is a place full of bickering,but that might not mean what you think it does.

You can find the genius behind the Morpheus rig and download it here:

You can find the song 'Perfect Day' by Joshua Kershaw here:

And you can find the song 'Cubs' by LilTommyJ played at the end here:

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... faggot. jk, jk. i loved this, it was really funny, and true.

This is pretty hilarious, and well executed.
It's nice to see that human passion is still alive and well in the presence of the internet XD
I mean, it's better than being detached, right??
I enjoyed this one.
Keep up the great work!

I have my favorite users to insult the compulsion is strong yet you make it sound so gae

hence 3/5

This is funny because its painfully true lol!! Very creative concept on the visual side of things.

Beautiful. There's actually a lot of truth about love within hate in here. Passion over detachment, it's a great message delivered through a humorous lens. Love it.