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Party Games Are Dangerous

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another older animation (9 months back from posting here)
heres the original description:
I love Sonic and the secret rings party games, but they are all pretty deadly when you think about them outside of a game setting.

I made this for all the Sonic fans who follow me, yes I am still a Sonic fan, and yes there will be more sonic animations in the future! (and obviously I don't hate any of the characters portrayed here, it's all in good fun ) (also posted on the anniversary of Sonic 3, unintentionaly xD)


Pythonblue for the awesome Music!,

Sonicstefan1991 A.K.A Stefanthehedgehog for Knuckles' voice!
Elson Wong A.K.A Darkspeeds for Sonic's voice!
Rest of the voices done by me (if you were wondering)

Hope you enjoyed it, and Thank you for watching!!

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Why Mario should do the partying.

This animation didn't get any review in 4 years?
What a shame. Your animation and plot are really cool!
Proceed with good work! :)

I have no clue if this is a real game. What I do know is that this is very funny. The best part was probably how good the animation was. This is the longest cartoon you've made here. It allowed for more great gags. I really was able to keep up with it well.

It was just great to see the characters' reactions to everything. Cream was probably the best. There's a reason Omochao hasn't appeared in any adaptations. I really had no idea where this was going. I'm glad it was something really cool.

naysu responds:

hey thanks a lot! :D great feedback

Well, looks like Sonic and his friends realized why they never qualified for in Mario Party.