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Little Fighter Alpha Ch11

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The fight continue with the Little Fighters against Firzen.

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Awesome adaption of the popular game.

Might I suggest Jan, Jack, Louis, and Bat be found separately, tied up, unlike in the game? John is already a traitor... We all know this having seen him kill allies and save enemies.

I need more m8

I love your animations. Love Little Fighter. Been with you since the start and thanks for doing it! :D keep up

After first discovering LFA now, what, eight years ago or so (I remember waiting for Chapter 9 and how awesome it was to watch it when it came out) I had some pause in which I completely forgot this existed. I hadn't even played LF2 or Hero Fighter in a long while.
Now, rediscovering this, seeing two more chapters to watch (after rewatching all the previous ones in a single afternoon of course) and making the decision of signing up to Newgrounds for this, there is not much more for me to say other than:

I love this series and it has brought me lots of entertainment.

It has been so long since I actively played LF2, but I always think about the personality you have given to many of these characters, no matter how much we can criticize the "story" of this series in being rather plain. Unmodded Little Fighter 2 will have me getting Rudolf to fight off with Deep, Davis not attacking Jan or Bat on Stage 5, and John being confused on why he is a bad guy!
And well... story is never the main focus on an action like this, now, is it?

The videos have seemingly improved with every new chapter. These two new ones seem to have quite a new style though (although the style and backgrounds have changed quite a few times already during the series). I can see it upsetting some people, but I still very much enjoyed. Only possible complaint is the duration ( = "We need moar!")

Can't wait to see the series come to a conclusion.

So, when is Chp. 12 going to come out..?