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Butterfree Flight

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(PLEASE WATCH IN 1080p :3)
If I ever made my own Pokemon game intro or credits... This would probably be it.

Another older animation, about a year old before uploading here, This was originally part of a M.A.P. But it never got released. I used this little short animation as a test to try to make a fully shaded animation, with a lot more effects, including lighting and blur.

I then realised that even the smallest blur effect in flash causes massive lag and ultimately destroys the animation if it is exported to .MOV. - shame really..

I also used Swivel for the first time, it works great, the quality is fantastic :D

pokemon (C) Gamefreak
Song - Song: "Speeding To Paradise" by TeknoAXE - link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaZx6WeYuSk (it's royalty free)

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Dude, I loved this! I admit that it isn't one of the best cartoons, but it was great! I think it was mostly because of how simple it was. I really do like to see the pokemon in an environment like this. From a distance, they do look like real animals. Not a fan of those Untoon things.

My favorite was probably the Sharkpedo. I was surprised at how many I could recognize. With over 700, it's hard for ANYONE to. The music was wonderful as well. At least this won some positive award.

naysu responds:

I love visualising them like this too, maybe it's cause I love wildlife, anyway thank you for the feedback!

I usually watch things once on Newgrounds but this one I had to watch it at least three times in a row. I love it! The animation is awesome to the point that I almost forgot I was watching an animation. :-)

Keep making stuff like this!

naysu responds:

Thank you so much!! :D

I love this! The music with the animation makes for a great atmosphere!

5 stars for angry Magikarp.

You could have names it "Flight of the Butterfree" :D Nevertheless, it's a nice little clip. :)

naysu responds:

oh no that would have been perfect XD thanks!