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How to be a Let's Player

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Voice of Lets Player and Jack: Retro



Voice of "The Beast": Batzuess


Wow. I can't believe this piece of shit took this long.

This started out as a passion project of mine. I wanted to create some kind of animation/ sketch type video that would make people think what the fuck they were watching was. So yeah, hopefully that worked out.

I began the project around a month ago and I was bursting with motivation for it. But it took me at least a week to find voice actors who were both talented and weren't stuck up their own arses. But even as I had the audio complete there was always something going on that made me want to avoid working on the project.

So basically, I procrastinated like a mad man and it wasn't fair to the people who contributed to this mess of a video. So this is for you voice guys and Steven. Thanks for being awesome.

I'm aware that most people are gonna hate this and that's cool, it's pretty fucked up. But, I'm pretty damn proud that I eventually finished this, though it took longer than expected.

And my Art teacher said my drawings wouldn't get me anywhere, well look at me now, Ms. Crooks, look at me now.

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Since I did the voice of the "Let's Player" I'm kinda biased, but I don't give a shit.

This was brilliant both in a comedic sense and personal sense. Love what Qwerty did here, and I have become friends with a good human beng in the process of this creation, and for that, I'm grateful.

Truly excellant work, friend. Can't wait to work on more shit with you, man! :)

Qwertysaur responds:

<3 you man! :D

Good job on the narrator! that's actually what made me stay :)

Qwertysaur responds:

Cool :)

This is actually a pretty accurate description of what some people do when playing games, the animation also went well along with the video. Your voice though, you should record audio, you have an actual cool narrating voice

Qwertysaur responds:

ahhh you're flattering me ;)

good, but the animation is a bit rough, and it dragged out for way to long.
apart from that, the story was hilarious and the voice acting was great! BTW this is sooo true, i once did 'lets plays' then i picked myself up from the dirt, walked over to the nearest store, and got myself a life.

Qwertysaur responds:

thanks :) most of it is actually based off my expierences with lets playing :p

I hope this gets front page.Make more videos like this

Qwertysaur responds:

Woah, thank you! :D