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Held On 5 Points

Beat the first boss of Part 1 in hard mode.

Interfered 5 Points

Beat the first boss of Part 2 in hard mode.

Accepted Nothing 10 Points

Beat the second boss of Part 1 in hard mode.

Refused to Hide 10 Points

Beat the second boss of Part 2 in hard mode.

Dedication 25 Points

Beat the second Part 1 Lost Level in hard mode.

Determination 25 Points

Beat the fourth Part 1 Lost Level in hard mode.

Endurance 25 Points

Beat the second Part 2 Lost Level in hard mode.

Fortitude 25 Points

Beat the third Part 2 Lost Level in hard mode.

Held out Hope 25 Points

Beat the first Part 2 Lost Level boss in hard mode.

Perseverance 25 Points

Beat the third Part 1 Lost Level in hard mode.

Persistence 25 Points

Beat the first Part 1 Lost Level in hard mode.

Pertinacity 25 Points

Beat the fourth Part 2 Lost Level in hard mode.

Resilience 25 Points

Beat the first Part 2 Lost Level in hard mode.

Stood Tall 25 Points

Beat the first Part 1 Lost Level boss in hard mode.

Burned Bright 100 Points

Beat the second Part 2 Lost Level boss in hard mode.

Ended It 100 Points

Beat the second Part 1 Lost Level boss in hard mode.

Author Comments

"Edit: You can return to the main menu at any time by pressing the pause "P" button and clicking on the "Title Menu" button."

I'm not sure how many people will remember the parts of this I uploaded in late 2012 and early 2013, but this is both of those as well as Part Two and it's corresponding bonus challenge levels. I also added a short tutorial and reworked some things.

For everyone new to this game it's my first real flash game so I decided to keep it simple. Just a weird little retro platformer. Destroy all four enemies in each level to unlock the gate and progress. Hopefully I've set everything up in such a way that it won't be too confusing.

I feel terrible about taking so long with this, my job/personal life have made it very difficult for me to work on much of anything. I'm sorry to anyone I've disappointed.

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Absolutely terrific game. Tbh, the levels were generally quite easy to go through! Yes, the jump in mid air was discovered by accident, but proved useful, especially against certain bosses! The only criticism I would say is that it was a game that should allow 1) large screen mode, 2) custom made maps, 3) A TRILOGY!

By chance, I forgot to log into new grounds and my achievements were not registered and so I redid some of the levels. This is where I would criticise the fact that you have the achievement, 'Perceverance' (which is spelt 'perseverance' btw) described as the 'third part 1 of the lost level'- IT ISN'T! I spent a day trying to get the last achievement, thinking it was room 3 with the boss! Although this may be a minor detail for some, it mattered to me, especially if your looking for that one final achievement! :D

Bear in mind however, judging the whole game? It was v v good. Music was perfect, the animation of the monsters, movement of hero and bosses, all created to perfection.

The best part of this whole game? It reacted to every move I wanted to do. I jump, character jumps, I dodge a fireball, character dodges fireball. In other words, the game was well designed and most importantly RESPONSIVE.

Sometimes, there are platform games that are SOOOO frustrating, not because the platform is hard, but because the design and mechanics of the game make the game UNBEARABLE. This however, was a pleasant surprise and this will probably be one of my fav, other than mega man and supermario of course!


Encore encore!
More more!
Will there be more games?
Will there be an animated version to explore the story further? It feels slightly unfinished. Weirdly, in terms of story plot, I'm confused, yet I kind of get what the story means...strange... :S

Comacolors responds:

First off I'm really sorry for the confusion with the medals, that was definitely my fault. I don't know why it never occurred to me how unclear that was. I'm really glad you had a positive experience in spite of that.

I totally agree that responsive controls and level/enemy design built around those controls are vital for a good platformer, so I'm very happy to hear that you found those elements of my game satisfactory.

I also smiled reading that you liked the animations, since I did my best to give them all a little bit of character even though they're very simple. I'm glad you enjoyed my music as well.

I do have ideas for more games in this world, but I'm scared to even hint at anything because it's all really up in the air right now and the last thing I want is to disappoint anyone.

I totally understand wanting the story expanded upon, especially since I presented it in such a strange, disjointed way. I really wanted to engage the player in the story and it's meaning by only showing fragments and leaving it up to them to piece it together. I'm very fond of this style of storytelling, especially in games, but I think I went a bit overboard and wound up with something pretty confusing. It makes me happy to hear that it still meant something to you.

Thank you kindly for all the feedback and the kind words, it really means a lot to me :)

Also good eye on the spelling error, I'll be sure to double check that next time around :P

What, I really should have seen the tutorial button before playing the entire game! I feel rather silly saying that, but perhaps have the tutorial feature more prominently on a game. I liked the story and art, they were low-key but very effective in motivating the player. You certainly made the first game far more challenging than the second, but they were fair and challenging. I really liked, and thought it was well worth playing!

Comacolors responds:

I'm really glad you liked my game, and in retrospect, I agree that I should have made the tutorial more prominent.

As for the difficulty curve, it's definitely thrown way off by the fact that I wanted people who played through part one when it came out to be able to jump right into part two. I'm still not sure if tuning part 2's difficulty with that in mind was the right decision on my part.

I'll definitely try to do better with future games, and I'm glad you had a good time with this one.

Thank you for the review :)

The only thing I find a shame is that none of the levels seem to make use of the fact that you can long jump. If you walk off an edge, you can jump in midair, which is actually really cool and makes a lot of jumps more forgiving, but nothing actually highlighted you could do this. Lost levels are as hard as I remember and that's awesome.

Comacolors responds:

Oh man, that's a really good point. The mid air jumps weren't actually intentional, but I didn't like how the game felt without them so I kept them in. I hate that feeling of going just a bit too far over an edge and not being able to jump.

I never thought to implement them like that though. I'll definitely keep that in mind when I design challenge content for my new game.

Thank you very much for the input :)

this was awesome, well done and that music too :D, keep up the awesome work

Comacolors responds:

Thank you kindly, I'm glad you like it :)

Definitely a fun game and a fair game. Not really sure why people are thinking it's too hard though. It's really not. There are definitely unforgiving games out there but this is not one of them.

Come on I mean you get unlimited retries even. Your life energy is also completely refilled after each level. I could maybe understand difficulty complaints if maybe there were 3 lives complete the whole game .. go. Or especially if you had to do it all on just a single life. But that's not the case.

Comacolors responds:

Thank you kindly for the review. I tried very hard to make it feel as fair as possible, I really didn't want the difficulty to feel cheap or artificial.

That said I wish I'd done a better job of conveying the importance of planning and observing patterns before engaging enemies, since I feel like that's what's tripping most people up. The Lost Levels especially are really built to punish impatience, since that's a gameplay style I really enjoy, but I feel like I could have done a bit more to communicate that in game. That's definitely something I'll try to do better in the future.

Anyway thanks again for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed my game :)

Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2014
3:38 PM EDT