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In The Dark Iss 3 Trailer

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In The Dark Issue 3: Promiscuous has now gone live on Patreon! Support the comic and get updated pages monthly. Higher donations unlock goodies like sketch book archives and animated panels!

visit Comick's Patreon page for more info: http://www.patreon.com/Comick


Happy Halloween Everyone!

Some big news today, after much prep and sweat, I can finally announce that "In The Dark Issue 3: Promiscuous" has finally begun and is now available online! It's a monthly updated comic on Patreon and I'll be creating and posting new pages there, PLUS I've added some cool extra things that you wouldn't be able to get in a normal comic book....ANIMATED PANELS and access to (dozens!) of sketch book archives!

This is going to be the best issue I've created thus far, and I'm so appreciative of the support my comic has received over the years. You guys are the best and I cannot thank you all enough for motivating me to always work harder and keep it up! This issue is a labor of love haha as I will be creating and posting comic pages now every month and animating parts of it too but now instead of hording it for some unknown release date, with Patreon its here NOW and you can be right along as I create it! :)

So yeah get on, support, and hope you guys enjoy and stay tooned! I have a bunch of awesome things I'm posting in the next few days you don't want to miss!

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you are f-ing crazy and creepy, and that kind of ideas are GREAT (even im scared that i liked it)

Comick responds:

Awesome haha always nice to hear! Thanks

What a freaking minute! i remember the first trailer from like five years ago and i have NEVER seen anything from this! i actually thought you cancelled this; where are you posting the comic pages?!

Comick responds:

The trailer you saw long time ago is for the cartoon series and this trailer was an announcement of my new comic issue of In The Dark. So its two different things here....but yeah I'm posting the pages on Patreon and between the page posts I'm also posting animations of In The Dark. They are shorties about a minute in length. The main series is actually gonna get a release hopefully by the end of his year since its missing minimal sections of animation.

Cool! :D

oh boy! issue 3- I cant wait.
i wish i could support the patreon page @ this time. as long as i can eventually own a solid copy of the next issue of this magnificent series. i love the dark atmosphere and the various beings in hell that you've created for your comic makes it worth the while (and wait).
---->just an input from a acolyte and a fan :)

Comick responds:

Thanks man!! Yeah once the pages are all completed I will have a book made eventually! But the benefit of Patreon is you could be reading the comic pages as i create them right NOW for just $1 dollar and not wait another year haha...not to mention the online version will have things the book won't have like 10+ years of sketch book archives and even animated full color panels created in flash with voice and sounds. But again I appreciate the kind words a ton man and that's why I bust my ass every night making these! :) Thanks again and yeah no worries a book will happen in time!

The trailer really builds up expectations, intense music for gritty artwork. Looks like something to look forward to!


Comick responds:

hahaha thanks! Yeah I'm bascially working into the late nights crashing at 2 and 3am doing pages and animating panels to make sure that this is the best issue I release online...I wanted to create something super special for my readers to enjoy that their support directly contributed to.

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Oct 31, 2014
1:25 PM EDT

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