Feed your demons!

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Intro chiptune sounds like tango?


Movement - ARROW KEYS

F - To fullscreen

M - To mute

Made for Mini #Pulmonear - To duplicate is to die.

Thanks to Facu, Richard, xrm0, Hernan Di Vicenzo, Her, Joni, Marcos Poca and some other guys for playtesting!

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I can't believe that my very first Friend on Newgrounds was a guy who makes games that mostly have hellish themes to them.

This game is Kind of Weird. But only because it's about FEEDING DEMONS

Very underrated game you got here. This is a well crafted game in all honesty. Controls aren't difficult to learn, you just move around and collect things, can't really get much easier than that. To add on to that, the controls aren't too slippery or stiff. It makes mobility difficult, but not too difficult. The visuals just pop. Very flashy and just full of color. Definitely looks like an old style arcade game. The enemies are fun to kill when you get the ball rolling, it's just like, boomboomboomboomboom. You feel like the bomb, you just feel ama- oo what's that thin- SPLAT, giant demon arm from above starts wrecking you. Now that makes it interesting but it comes a bit too soon as an obstacle in my opinion, also when it sticks around it still damages you even though it just sits there. It should be introduced a bit later when the player gets a better idea of the game. Better yet, I noticed a lack of enemies. Now, I know that some people might think, "But Zora, all you do is move around, how do you make enemies around that?" Well my friends, here's a few thoughts, make enemies that take a couple of hits, make enemies that shoot slow projectiles, make enemies that can only be hit at a certain area, make stationary enemies that can only be damaged at certain points, etc. There are a variety of ways you make enemies around this because it's so simplistic. I'm not saying start replacing the easier enemies that you meet in the beginning. Just sprinkle some variety in there as the game progresses to give a little variety to the player. One thing I love to tell people is to include upgrades. Maybe when you kill the bigger enemies, you could increase speed, increase your range to damage enemies, temporary invincibility from that demon arm, add something else for the player to be distracted by, give them reasons to kill bigger enemies rather than ignoring them. Those are just a few of my ideas you could add to this game or to any future games. You're definitely growing as a game developer. This a great small game. Keep up the work man.


jupitron responds:

Hi Zora, im thrilled by your words, its amazing that you got what i meant to be get when youre playing this game (even if it is just a little bit).
As always, i need to improve a lot of things, its no excuse but it was made for a one week jam so you can see several limitations in game and polish as well as some variety.

Im trying to implement upgrades in several protoypes that im trying to close but i dont want to make it unbalanced and badly implemented. Since this balance requires a lot of playtesting (and therefore time) to feel ok im trying not to get into it.

I know i could spend a lot of time improving this game but also i could put what i learned making it in a new game, that will likely have some flaws but some improvements also (like this one compared to what ive done before), i really hope to find you again sometime.

Zora your have my respects!

Hahaha funny retro/arcade style :] sound is nice too! But i made it crash hitting a very high score, it seems an infinite loop began to create demons and then it freeze !

jupitron responds:

Hi freaknarf!

Is it you with that insane highscore? Ill try to beat you...

Definitely an odd game. Controls are a bit slippery and everything is a bit small. good game for a quick play

jupitron responds:

Hi slomon4!

Thanks for playing!

Interesting game

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2.63 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2014
11:02 AM EDT
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