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Slush Tile Rush

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Get the Slush Fighters home in this combat-focused match-3 game. Slush Tile Rush requires light-strategy and quick reflexes.

1. Click tiles!
2. Match tiles (left << >> right)!
3. Bruise the baddies and beat the boss!

Many months went into this game, so I hope you enjoy it! And if it gets too hard...I'm sorry.

Play on Android devices too (actually, it's preferred)!

Please check out my other stuff at http://mikedmoy.com/

Full Credits:

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a thing yellow is shit dont pick him in rest game go bRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Loved this game.

The game is pretty fun and I really like the music though perhaps the only thing that bugs me is that some characters in this game are pretty useless.

verry verry nice game

I think I first played this game 4 or 5 years ago. I was still a kid and had not started English so I just picked up characters randomly, and tried to eliminate the tiles as quickly as possible.
I really liked this game, but unfortunately, I could not find the game since then because I had not remembered its name. I suddenly feel like playing it today so I just searched for all the games with 'tile', and finally find it. Since I can play it much better now, I think I should share some of my experience with other players, even if only a few people would see it (since this game is pretty 'old')
1. There are levels which would be extremely difficult to pass if you do not have specific teammates, especially those in which the bosses have very strong armors. Solution: be sure that you have at least one teammate who can deal damage over 20 (usually with the 'big stroke' ) without making a very long chain. Even though it might take a little bit longer before you kill the boss, at least you could survive.
2. As the game goes on, more characters are going to join the team. As a result, it has to take more time to wait for a 'big stroke', and we will be more likely to make mistakes when eliminating the tiles. Solution: Eliminating tiles is not like a math quiz, you do not need to think too much before making the move. Try only concentrating on one or two important characters, and eliminate other tiles as soon as they appear if you feel tired taking care of all the tiles.
3. Some characters look stronger than the others, but it doesn't mean they are the right choice. Solution: Don't think too much about the description of the characters' skills, get rid of them if you feel they are difficult to use or control, keep the rule even if their descriptions are attractive.
For example, the Marc stickman may look amazing since the damage grows exponentially. It means that it can reach an average damage of 15 with a combo of 6.However, he is not that helpful, since it is easy to tell that his probability of spawning is much lower than his teammates, as a result of which it would be more difficult for him to reach a longer chain.
There are some other strategies, but I feel tired writing in English now, and there are too many grammar mistakes above, so I think that's all for today.
Anyway, I really appreciate your artworks, and the music is fantastic as well. It is a pity that I cannot play it on my iPhone. This game has literally brought me back to my childhood when I still felt happy doodling on my notebooks.