Fritzy Adventure

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Come adventure with Fritzy in the unknown planet to get gems that

scattered. Frityz is a cute monster who is very agile in jumping. Use

this jump skill to be able to adventure in this planet where full of

ravines. Get all Gems are there to open the door. Let's prove if

Fritzy is cute monsters that brave and clever.


This game is very unpolished. Pressing or holding the space bar in midair will make additional jump noises (the jumping noises are horrible as well). Deaths are instant and usually non-indicated (You die, instantly teleport to the beginning of the stage, no sound or animation to indicate how, where, or even if you died. This often results in you, since this a left to right platformer, holding down the right key and falling to yet another death.). Some of the forefront tiles look like background tiles and some of the background tiles look like forefront tiles (causing unfair deaths and confusion). Music is repetitive and annoying (along with all the other sounds in the game) and there is no way to mute it. All of the enemies are simple cats (at least, from what they look like.) and create no obstacle whatsoever. The criteria for killing them is also easy. As long as you are in midair and near one of these cats, they die. They also make a strange and unfitting "squish" sound when they die. The gameplay is repetitive and boring (kill the same enemies, perform the same jumps, collect the same things, take the same exit). No control configuration (if someone wants to play using t to jump b to go right and d to go left, they should be able to).

This game would benefit from lots of things: larger variety of enemies, a mute button, a control configuration area, perhaps a tutorial, better clarified deaths, sound fixes, better music, better level design (taking a leap of faith in one level is not fun), better tile design and more interesting tiles (having different tiles that almost all work the same is boring), and perhaps a story (I mean, what is this "Fritzy" guy doing anyway?)?

A simple, SUPER MARIO-like game. Not a bad game, with nice retro graphics and overall design.

The only thing I would suggest is to put WASD buttons available for movement as a second option for left-handers.

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2.41 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2014
2:35 AM EDT
Skill - Collect