American Alfer

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Alfred goes Full-Out Bateman in this sensational American Psycho Parody that will make you want to stab someone to death and play around with their blood! So, go return your video tapes, get out your ol' Huey Lewis and the News records, and Turn up the Volume! It'll make you remember that it's Hip To Be Alfer!

email - alfredalfer77@gmail.com

thanks to everyone supporting me on patreon - http://www.patreon.com/emilyyoucis

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I absolutely love this... but then, what does that say about me?

I only recently became aware of Ms. Youcis' work from a chance encounter at TooManyGames 2015. I was waiting for the burlesque show to start when a young woman stepped out from the shadows and opened with, "Hey, guys, you wanna buy some fucked up cartoons?" Of course, it was Emily herself peddling her wares and of course I had no choice at that point. That's not a question you say no to. I could sense immediately that I was in for something weird, so I bought a copy of the Alfred Alfer collection. I've since become aware that the majority of the content on the DVD is freely available in better quality online, but I am still glad that I bought a copy. It has been very interesting to watch your work develop over the course of your animation career, from your comparatively humble early work to something like this.

I do not think that I am alone in this habit, but I go through periods where I have particular videos that I'm obsessed with and will watch several times a day. That video is currently American Alfer. Maybe it's the schizophrenic disconnect between the depraved subject matter and upbeat (and well-done) musical parody, which is a common theme with the underlying cinematic parody, but there's really something to this video.

There are some really impressive artistic moments here as well that showcase how far you've come. Alfred's expressions at approximately 00:20, 00:40 and 00:49 remind me of Ren and Stimpy in the best way possible and the way that lifeless arm lolls around at approximately 00:32 looks both stylistic and believable. My only complaint with this submission is that it is too short. Please, never stop making content and keep it weird!

That blacké & white dog look like a slut !

The playhouse 1 2 and 3 stuff will always be my fav. I just like the style of it. This is good too but i like the other stuff better.

Down with Mr. Pickles.

Alfred is the shit. <3
beautiful as usual. :>

love the it I just have one question. di you send Mr.Pickles back to hell.

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4.45 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2014
9:34 PM EDT
Music Video