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A VeggieClock Halloween

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Author Comments

The last ever CabbagePatch kid.

Welcome, ghouls and gals!

Assembled for your viewing 'torture' are four cre-e-e-epy classics of the horror genre, digitally remastered and re-CUT for maximum fright!

So bolt the doors, turn out the lights, and prepare yourself for...

The VeggieClock Halloween Special!

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amazing works, and very very spooky!
my favorites were perhaps the hellowein, and the roecky hodor shoew!
truly great, and well-animated, with excellent dialogues and a touching ending.
i love everything in this, and the especially the caik+sun triptych... clever idea!

this was so good, that i shall 5 it forever!
happy halloween!
and do more!

RadishClock responds:

But ok

That really scared the piss outta me. Good job!

RadishClock responds:

Sorry about the piss

Scared the living caik outta me!

RadishClock responds:

I also poo'ed caik