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Mainlands Wars

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Continents are in war! Your purpose is to become the main conqueror in the world! Use special abilities and your great mind to destroy all the enemy forces! Or die, never knowing glory and honor.

Mouse only.

Hot keys:

“Ctrl” - to transfer a half of your army
“Space” - to pause/unpause
“1,2,3,4,5,6” - to buy items
“Q,W,E” - to upgrade selected country

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I like using the "Plague". It reminds me of Plague Inc.

you shouldn't have let items spill over between levels, just boxed in the enemy into a corner, maxed out the only adjacent province & left the game afk for like 20 minutes, came back and bought dozens of each ability and i just spammed my way through the remaining levels

Nice strategy game! By the way I beat all levels with 3 stars without knowing that I could buy items...lol

making the armies degrade after they reach 10 doesnt make sense, and the pathing is all wonky - when i click and drag it should be directing the units to wherever i release the mouse, not to the next territory in line, and its incredibly difficult to manage this game when both of these issues coincide (which is like every level) there are like 100 other copies of this game on here and i do like that you've applied the map aspect instead of the floating orbs or planets, and i like that you cant just attack any region directly from any other, but i just dont find this very fun when im losing so many units to unresponsive or tedious controls

Great clone with some interesting skills and upgrade system. Obviously a lot of heart put into it.

I feel you should have maps that rely on and introduce you to the skills though. I also agree with Shakron about the stars (such as Kingdom Rush and GemCraft getting that component right in different ways).

I also noticed some odd clicking through on the upgrade menu which sent troops without me intending to. Should look into that.