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Hentai app on iPhone 6

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Fap Ninja and her trusted octopet, Tenta are excited about their new porn game for iPhone 6. But do they celebrate too soon..

see more screenshots and play the game at http://fap.ninja

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I just love that cute octopet, on the other hand, don't mind that much the censorship, as long as it is in the right category, newgrounds admins don't mind if you show breasts or animated characters doing it, jeez, so that's what vimeo did to you, if I may be so bold... fuck'em, another reason to not have an account there to begin with, although, reading the terms of service about what you can and can't upload there would have been a good idea.

And about iphones... meh, there are bigger, better and way cheaper android based tablet-like products anyone could buy, why use apple? the whole hindú pantheon knows I despise anything labelled with a rainbow apple as those don't accept half the stuff a regular PC could use no problem and the interface is meh at best.

thanks for sharing your game, and even if i can't play it, I still wish you have bigger sales because of this place... I would suggest to upload a video to youtube.... buuut, the continuous rule changes that place has would end up being counterproductive... only the gods know what else they would ban from showing...


and dats why i'd rather get an samsung
not really but shiiit they do allow me to download anything

not even iphone 5?