Alexandria Escape

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You were never interested in a warfare, at least not in practice. But books were another matter. They always led you to another place in another time. Even those of war campaigns were interesting. When reading such a book, you fell asleep and stayed locked in the library. To make matters worse, in the distance you see enemy ships that are approaching!

It's time to use your knowledge into practice and show teeth to your enemy. But above all, find means for your escape.

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Pretty good. Plenty of the items made sense in their placement and purpose but some were a bit illogical. The screws, for example, made no sense as to why they were inside the coin slot fountain unless somebody was playing a prank of some kind. The third gear having been either inside the wall that's broke down or was somehow wedged in the ceiling above the wall doesn't make sense. The crossbow's parts in general being so far apart don't make sense plus the fact that it apparently fires with no ammunition. Finally, the fact that a model of aether on the staff of Aristotle's statue is the key to the library is a bit silly in my opinion since it means that the curator(s) have to go through the same last tasks the protagonist went through just in case the curator(s) lose the actual key and wind up having to get the spare one from that statue. Asides from that, the puzzles were pretty good (especially the last one that requires knowledge of the classical four elements), the story is pretty good, and it certainly was fun to play. Nice job!

How did we shoot the ships when we had nothing to begin with

oh I can't tel lyou how happy I am! tis so wonderful to be able to play these again, and I enjoy them so much! ;)

I love all the mythology you evoke with your games.

really nice.....awesome graphics! nice story line

I enjoyed this game although it was a little short. Music was pleasant and kept one calm when exploring the library. Graphic was cool. Clues were sufficient and clear.

Assembling the crowbow was interesting. I just did it like trials and errors.

The most challenging part was how to get the fire element. Hint : you'll need a piece of paper, a magnifying glass and an action. c:

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4.09 / 5.00

Oct 27, 2014
8:58 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click