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Normality of YouTube

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I never intended for this to become an animation, but while I was sleeping the idea hit me, what if YouTube was a room. Which means if the content on YouTube (The Uploaders) were all recording in one room and I could parody their personalities in a nutshell. My motivation for this was simply to parody the popular YouTube channels such as Vloggers, Let's Player etc, with the idea that in 10 years only they will have access to uploading videos.

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this is a awesome idea thanks for sharing with us ! and the dialog in this video is really spot on and funny great work please keep making vids for us!

Came because the thumbnail looked like Casey Neistat. Stayed because YT is already starting to pull this crap. They just de-monetize videos they don't like, regardless of whether they actually break the rules, and sometimes outright delete them. If you're the unfortunate few, soon you get you channel deleted. And the most popular channels, as you mentioned, are complete garbage.

I loved the animation! But YouTube is already like that...

I agree with doomroar. Even popular youtubers complain about YouTube and it's policy and how it works. Anyway, great job. Unfortunately you concept is head on. It can be kinda duhhhh-ish

I liked the concept and your animation was good, but the audio killed it for me. Better mic quality and more original tunes would have at least for me improved the experience.