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Floral Exile

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Filesize: 850K

Note: Moved from Gadgets: Construction Set to Gadgets:Other. I clicked the section and looked at the other flash files there, I think it's categorized right. Let me know if there's a better spot.

Note: I had some browser issues in different browsers of screen size. ctrl + and ctrl - if you see some extra white space in the play and it bugs you. Onward:

Made a walk through tutorial, not sure if it's needed, but http://youtu.be/aoOCftY6EqY if you're having issues and need something to compare/contrast with.

I wanted to make an art application that functioned to a puzzle game of self discovery where you click buttons and learn controls on your own, but it turned into something else; a full-on art application with some music and a person/icon that fades away so you can see the full picture.

I intentionally was going for the controls being unknown to the player. But hey, just in case you don't want to go that route. here they are, spoilers below: (they are also in the menu)

Random/RoyGBiv WB Layer |`, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Random/Brush-/+ | 0, -, +
Star | o, p
Shuffle with/without brush change | Space, Backspace
Background dark/black/light/white/grey| z, x, c, v, f, g ,h, j, k
Random Layer by 1-6, white layer 1| [, ], \, ', Enter, L
Quiet/Whisper/Mute | q, w, m
Layer/Background blink | b, n
exit/return/hide/show | e, r, <, >
hide/show pointer | u, i, right-click
Track/Why track;stop | t, y
None/Invert/Subtract | a, s, d
paste to background (cannot undo) | /
draw/erase | click,double click

I guess here's the part where I post my preferences: it's early am, but 5,B,Zero(0) is one of my favorites. I like the overall look. Drawing with that's fun. drop a line which settings you like, share a movie, but you don't have to. It's your world to create and yours to share or keep to yourself.

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...this is frankly sad, I am struggling to see the "artistic prowess", that a select few people are complimenting you with, at least some of your other *shiver* "games" you have produced were... interesting?
.It's unique
.It functions as a game
1)First and foremost, the game has no direction, although not all games need an ultimate objective to be valid, this game has a distinct lack of theme and purpose, and a lack of appeal if you will, with from my perspective no audience interest in mind.
2)Secondly, there is little done to refine the content provided, as your spelling has clearly gone unchecked, and the layout is bland and uninteresting when taking into account the type of game you are tackling here.Games like this NEED a particular style that relates to the intended theme, but what am I talking about, this game has no theme.
3)Thirdly, although the prospect of something being boring or uninteresting is a subjective topic, this game, at it's core will maintain interest for a VERY short period of time, even after claiming it's a game of "self discovery", which I believe to be a bullshit claim, as I discovered nothing during the course of playing that even remotely peeked my interest.
4)Fourthly, at this current point in time, this type of game has become more uncommon and done significantly more unprofessionally than before-hand and this game highlights what a lack of focus can result in, with blank backdrops and a misplaced icon which certainly does not fit whatever your intended product was, I found little to embrace.
from the looks of it you think you are some kind of hidden artistic genius, yet in reality I find you to be a flash developer (and I use that term very loosely), that doesn't know what appeal or immersiveness can and should be. If you are indeed intending for this game to be an "artistic piece", and not something intended for amusement or fun, then I would understand in that aspect, but GUESS WHAT, this game is a pointless, not abstract, POINTLESS, piece of shit.

I have been gone from newgrounds a while, and now that im back i plan on bringing a more critical viewpoint to the table, and I will be sure to critique any of your future "projects" in the same manner.

ghettoflower responds:

You mention spelling errors in the writeup. Did you mean all two of them? If you can count more than two, let me know. I think I was up late when I orchestrated the writeup and menu. I even left some names out in the acknowledgements. These happen. I generally don't go for the spell checker route. I'd like my mistakes to be presented for posterity. It gives the release character.

Also, it's more of an art project. Not in the aspect of me making some sort of art presentation, but for others to make their own if they like, or simply just doodle around. Sure I added a backstory and what you'd probably call fractions of a plot, but only to establish a narrative if one is wanted. If they don't want it, they could just double click play. I've seen other art applications with this kind of narrative and it's not a new thing. I wouldn't even call it completely original.

I'm not sure how much you played with it, but I think in my production notes pressing 5 , b , and 0 (zero) gets a good output. I'm sticking with 5 am intuition. If you want to stop the scrolling press Y. makes for an easy screenshot. It could be used with an animated gif maker / recorder. I kind of just wanted something to mess with/refer back to. double click the mouse to erase everything. you can publish with / forward slash. You may be perceiving it beyond face value, which is flattering as it's an eight-hundred fifty kilobyte flash file. It almost sounds like you're reviewing LITE-BRIGHT which is a physical analogue art device but thinking of it as a game. Call DB logic if you want, but that's how I'm looking at your writeup, but I do thank you for the feedback. I edited the description a little to dissuade those who consider it as a game.

805k is a small file size. It'd be less without audio too. I was actually going for minimalism but decided to add a menu. Also in the menu you can hold down left click and icons will chase the mouse.. you can double click to erase them. You know, just something cool and small to play around with that's different. Again it's flattering if you saw it more than just a Gadgets: Other (categories here are vague, it's hard to find the right one and you can only specify in tags)

Wow, very interesting, something unusual and different. I really like how the affects are made. Impressive

I will give this 1 star as i like the concept of a flower arranging flash game, but having a character with a knife just doesn't make sense. The only good thing about this is that you can produce a 3D style effect and do a bit of drawing but this doesn't redeem it from the fact that this is not a game. There is no challenge and there is nothing to achieve. I recommend this for bin.

ghettoflower responds:

Is it a gadget? I'm confused. I had it under Gadgets: Construction Set. Maybe under Gadgets: Other would make more sense. It's an issue involving categories as there's no Gadgets: Art so I can understand the mix-up.

Cool thing for sure, If you added some particle effects, it would be prettier. Maybe you could make a game out of this where you're a spaceship, and you have multiple layers like this game, and you choose which layer of the map you're on, and you put walls on certain areas to keep out enemy ships. That might be really cool