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Eunice's Halloween

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My dad and I were goofing around as our original characters Eunice and Lilligor and I decided to record and animate our conversation. I hope you enjoy it!

Music by the amazingly talented Pierce Hacquard. Check him out on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/pierce-hacquard

Also featuring Jeremy Buzash on the Violin. The bird poop was his idea.

Happy Halloween!

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Haha, moral of the story: if the props seem a bit too realistic... they probably are. O_o Nice work!


Good grod, I can see how that would feel for the unappreciated...

That's not very scary... Wait no! Please!
Just kidding :D I like the animation, I can see a lot of time went into it and it was a good idea. I just think it could be a little bit longer

As the saying goes,'everyone has to be a critic',some people may find it difficult to accept the truth.This is one example of that,though a more gruesome one than anyone sane enough to comprehend.Can't imagine what would happen if a cop's kid knocked on the door and tell his/her parents about what he/she saw.The lady would probably just say that her husband's just helping out with the decoration by being 'a part' of it,so the moral of the story is that a little appreciation,instead of plain criticism can go a long(and less gutted,sort of)way.Kudos for the effort put in this and keep it up!Have a happy,scary Halloween too!

the bird poop was a good idea...