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Resident Evil: Flash Edn

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You ever watch the introduction movie to the PlayStation Resident Evil and just laugh at the sheer cheesey-ness of it all? Its horrible. But, its fun to watch just to make fun of it. This cartoon is a parody of the introduction, showing STARS Alpha team searching for Bravo team, and the bad acting that ensues. If I can find a flaw with this movie, thats it's BETTER than the real deal :) Enjoy!

1) This movie contains RESIDENT EVIL and CODE VERONICA spoilers. They should be common knowledge by now, but I figured I should warn you.
2) Sorry about the big file size, I'll do better next time.
3) The humor is a little dry, and the pacing is a little slow... but it's there.
4) Speaking of humor, most of the jokes are geared toward Resident Evil fanboys...
5) That cloud looking thing is a bush.... not a cloud. A bush. :/
6) Wait around after the credits.

Wow, this movie did ALOT better then I thought it would! Thanks everyone!

Very small update: I added "Opening Movie" to the title.

***Flash Movie #6***

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that MiB joke though, lol

Definitely not the finest LF movies, but definitely one of the most earlier ones. I'll admit I laughed at mansion part and love how the cast opening completely skipped Rebecca.

The movie has a healthy supply of RE jokes sprinkled around the movie, definitely some jokes would fly over people's head if they hadn't played the game. (The 1996 version, not the 2002 one)

I'll admit, the pacing here is pretty... sluggish, even for its time.

I remember it much wider ^_^ Still, one of my favs, ever!

LOL! That was pretty funny.

parody intro of resident evil 1

This was extremely enjoyable. I know that the animation gets much better later on. I especially love the end. It's also great to see Dopefish. It seems like I see that guy more and more all the time. The voices were quite good.

The best part was probably when he was listing all those castles. You really had no idea what would show up next. Most of the jokes worked. I imagine this is what the opening scene was like. You know, no zombies.